These are the data pages of the Berriasian Working Group of the International Subcommission on Cretaceous Stratigraphy.

The aims of the Berriasian WG are: 
  • to foster publications on the Berriasian as part of the standard global stratigraphic time scale,
  • to contribute to the unification of regional chronostratigraphic nomenclature by organizing and documenting stratigraphic units,
  • the dissemination of stratigraphic knowledge about the Berriasian Stage and the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary interval, 
  • the evaluation of new stratigraphic methods and their integration into a multidisciplinary stratigraphy, 
  • to refine and improve correlations between Tethys, Gondwana, Pacific, boreal and non-marine regions,
  • the selection of a GSSP for the base of the Berriasian Stage.

For information on the activities of the Berriasian WG, or if you wish to make a contribution to its collaborative research, contact W.A.P. Wimbledon (WG Chairman), School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol - e-mail:

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